Echo effect V2.0 changed

Before the v2.0 update I could use the echo effects and hit the off button and the echo effect would still be heard thru the mix. It wasn’t until I reengaged the echo would it end. Now it just wipes out the effect completely. Has anyone else noticed this? Let me know if I’m making sense.

Yes, me too !!!

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I can’t believe this would have been done on purpose.

for me too. I would like to hear some comments from denon

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On almost any digital effects system Echo uses system memory.

I reckon the 8000 wasn’t ever considered to be Prime standards when it was designed however many years ago. (My guess: 8 years ago) In fact I dunno whether Primes standards were even being thought about when the 8000 was being designed.

Maybe the system memory that used to be used for echo effects is now needed for some of the 8000s Prime Pseudo-compatibility/emulation

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Maybe its post or pre-fader echo effect setting somewhere?

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What I thought as well.

Eagerly waiting for the follow up to the 8000

Hi @rubelinasteel,

I am sorry you are having this experience with the MCX8000. Is this issue you’re having with the echo happen in both Engine standalone mode, as well as with Serato DJ Pro?

I’m having the same issue also. It happens only in standalone mode (works fine with Serato DJ Pro). I participated in the beta test and echo worked great in beta.

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Same here! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Hi @gadu-gyamfi. This is happening in stand alone mode. I don’t really use serato so I doubt know if it works there.

Hi @rubelinasteel,

Thanks for the additional information. I will have someone reach out to you from Technical Support to further assist!

Now the update came out and still no fix on the echo effect. I had a long back and forth with Technical Support and still no resolve. Is Denon going to address this?