Echo effect changing volume

Hi, I just got my Prime 4 a couple days ago. I love the unit but I am struggling to get some of the effects to sound good, most notably the echo. When I put the echo on, it lowers the overall volume of the track significantly until I take it off. In some instances it will spike the volume up or fluctuate the volume up and down. I played with all of the echo settings but can’t get it to perform correctly, and yes I updated the software version. I found some older threads where someone mentioned this phenomenon. Is anyone still experiencing this now or is there something I should be doing differently? Thanks for any info

Hello @Richie7, If I remember right, there was an issue like this already mentioned… Anyway, did You tried to re-upload the software? Does it happen on the older software too? Can You double check that so we can see if the problem is related to this particular update or the device it self? Did You tried also the factory defaults setting and power off/on cycle?

Thanks for the reply. I will try re-updating the firmware, and trying it again. I didn’t try it on the older firmware version, I updated it before I really played with it much.