Echo and Wash Sweep FX persist even after crossfading away from track

  • Engine OS Device: (PRIME 4, SC6000, etc)


  • Beta Version:


  • Steps to Reproduce:

Load track (either side) Play Select Echo or Wash on Sweep FX section Turn Sweep FX knob to either minimum or maximum and rapidly crossfade to opposite deck

  • Expected Result:

Track and Sweep FX audio faded out to zero

  • Actual Result:

Sweep FX audio persists

  • Reproducibility:

Survives reboot, and without loading user profile

  • Additional Notes:

Filter and Noise don’t seem to suffer from this and behave as expected Happens if you don’t use the crossfader and just fade down the channel instead (again, filter and noise unaffected) Doesn’t need the Sweep FX knob to be turned to absolute extremity, occurs at any active value

The sweep effects are “post-fader”. Sorry to say this, but I think you misunderstand the purpose of these effects. They are supposed to continue irrespective of what position your channel-fader or cross-fader position is. If you want the effect to stop, turn the effect off. I personally love post fader effects and would be gutted if my echo stopped when i pulled the x-fader to another track.