Each channel reads different volume levels when the same song is playing on all 4 (set evenly)

On this episode of what’s wrong with my prime series: we have the same song playing on all channels but different volume readings on each of the channels. I’ve set the gain knobs to the same level on all 4, yet they all still come out at different levels. I double checked this with my x1600 and the x1600 reads them EVENLY.

What gives? Does anyone else encounter this?

Is the crossfader perhaps like this:

Channel 1-2-3-4 as a-b-a-b

…and active slightly to the right?

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And in smooth curve rather than cut?

A teensy tiny bit of difference in the alignment of the pots is not out of the ordinary. In practice, you really ought to be just putting the trim-gain pots wherever necessary to get a nice level on each individual track as they come and not be concerned about a particular spot you’re keeping them at.

The pot stems might not be exactly aligned internally to the degree-seconds.

The music might not be exactly at the same time when looking at the metering. Were they all exactly in-phase? You might want to try a test tone with the speakers/headphones off to confirm whether the pot stems are way off or not.

These pots are quite touchy the lower you go on them, sort of similar to the MP2015, though the Rane’s a lot more touchy and has some gain structure and input pad problems.

You also appear to be running your input trim-gains rather low. Just stay out of the blue (on purpose, anyway), and leave the top white for that old funky disco track that needs some extra oomph.

All the tracks were matched up at the same sections. I have been meaning to post this inconsistency for months, just haven’t gotten around to doing it. I obviously know to adjust the levels on-the-fly, but I can’t help but post this minor inconsistency so the community knows about it. All of the sounds coming out of the speakers or headphones match each respective channel level - so if one channel is reading lower, it will come out lower.

The channel faders are on curve, not cut. The cross fader is always on cut, although these factors wouldn’t make a difference as long as the levels/faders are still set evenly.

So does no one else have this inconsistency? It is interesting the 1600 is on-point with the levels if the gains are set to the same spots.

Unless one channel is explosively loud and another channel is whisper quiet, I really wouldn’t worry. Its not like your going to be setting those gains by visually lining up the contours on the knob to the dots printed on the mixer fascia.

It’s like if one of your beers had a millilitre less in it than the next bottle. It’s just a shrug moment and zilch to fuss over

Eh, still worth mentioning. I guess it depends on how accurate/efficient Denon wants to make their products in the future…good for them to know this exists. I’m still interested to know if anyone else encounters this.

No issues here. I’ll try to record a vid.

I wouldn’t worry about it, I believe you, but if you want to go ahead and I’ll check it out. I have just had some very very bad luck with my setup for whatever reasons - some issues larger than others.