E.P. forgetting preferences

hi all, every time i fire up E.P. i have to manually set the columns i want to see in the library. album, packed , title etc… it does not save the latest state it was in before closing . As i don’t want to see everything it is a pain to do this every time. is this a bug or am i missing something?? This was not an issue in the previous version. using E.P. on a mac running el capitan thnx

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I experience the same issue, also on MAC

@Gee_DenonDJ have you received more feedback as it relates to EP 1.1.0 “forgetting” the column display settings?

Am I doing something wrong or…

Hi All, a “Remember last column layout” (including column choices, order and width) request has been added to the list for (re)application to future Engine Prime revisions.