Dynamic / Smart Crates or Playlists


Bought 2 x SC5000 yesterday, very impressed.

One thing that seems missing from the engine prime software - playlists that ‘auto update’ like Rekordbox smart playlists. for example - in rekordbox i can create a smart playlist that always contains music added in the last 14 days. This does not appear to be possible in EP, yet. Am i correct? or just missing something?

Also, the player itself does not allow sorting by date added, which means the denon platform currently has no way of easily finding new tracks. I guess i will have to manually manage these playlists, or keep using rekordbox, which seems like the easier way.

Anyone noticed this, or come up with a good workaround?


There a loads of workarounds, but all of them involve using Engine Prime on the computer; easiest is to set smart folders in iTunes and then simply drag the folders over in Prime. I organise all my folders by months anyway so it isn’t a massive issue to me, and I use MiK and Platinum Notes so it is only 1 extra step, a real pain though if you are only using the SCs and trying to stay off the computer (though Rekordbox does demand this anyway)