DVS output to different channel than DVS Signal

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to modern-day DVS (I’m an old FinalScratch 2 user from back in the day).

I recently got a X1850 mixer, and am using it with 2 turntables and Serato DVS.

I have my turntables plugged into channels 2 and 3. Serato sees the signal fine, when these channels are set to DVS.

What I’d really like to do, is to have the turntables plugged into channels 2 and 3 (as they are now), but have Serato return the audio to channels 1 and 4…

This would allow me to switch between timecode vinyl and vinyl records on channels 2 and 3, without having to change the input to phono, back to DVS etc.

It would also, potentially, allow some creativity by mixing in a Serato track using timecode, then flicking Serato to Internal mode, so this could keep playing through channel 1 or 4, whilst moving back to regular vinyl on channels 2 or 3.

Is this possible? Or can the audio signal only ever come back to the same channel as is providing the timecode?

A workaround is using instant doubles in Serato. It’s what I did to mix on 3-4 channels using two turntables.

Look see

It’s a limitation of Serato, not Denon. In Traktor (and probably VDJ) you can setup your usb in/out channels any way you like.

So maybe go with request to Serato forum?