DVS functionality with the Prime 4

Mr Cunningham stated during his demo at NAMM that the Prime 4 supports DVS input, would that be to control Engine Prime, or would you have to use a computer? And if it DVS is usable with the on board Engine Prime software, what timecode input does it support?

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The context in that interview was about the already known DVS software like Serato and Traktor.

It would be so cool to be able to hook a turntable into a X1800 and control the second layer of one SC5000…


Hi Max, Prime 4 is DVS ready, so when Serato releases the update you will be able to use channel 3 & 4 for DVS control through Serato.


Recently tried connecting DVS Serato to the Prime4. I quickly realized there are no instructions anywhere on how to do this. Not with Denon or Serato. I have yet to see anyone do this. I’ve contacted tech support at Serato they were confused they kept referring to the Prime4 as CDJ. And Denon hasn’t been able to provide guidance on this either.