DVS Functionality of Engine Prime and Pitch Play

Hi there, during the NAMM show, Jay Cunningham stated that the Prime 4 has 2 different “DVS capable” audio inputs, does this mean that the Engine Prime software on board accepts DVS input, and if so, what timecode does it take, or does that just mean DVS control of software on a laptop? Second question is that the pitch lock as shown doesn’t appear to allow pitch of a cue to be mapped to the pads allowing actual pitch play, as on a scale. Am I missing something there? This will make the difference of whether I buy this unit or not. Finally, and this isn’t as important, are there any plans to put a simple sampler that can be controlled by the pads? In my perfect world (and I know this will never happen) the Prime 4 would allow midi control and be able to take input from the Numark V7 and the Rane Twelve for control of decks, but that would be a crazy request.

In the interviews I watched, they said that DVS would be via Serato in a future release.

Well, based off the fact that it doesn’t seem to hit those two marks, as well as doesn’t seem to do Ableton Link, I guess the laptop can’t be ditched just yet. Oh well.

Hi Max, in response to your questions:

1 - Prime 4 is DVS ready, so when Serato releases the update you will be able to use channel 3 & 4 for DVS control through Serato. 2 - The 2 initial modes is Key Adjust which allows you to change the key of the song in +/- 12 semitones. the second is Key Sync which changes the key of the next song you load in order to mix in key. I will make the development team aware of the request to key map to the performance pads. 3 - This has also been requested and the dev team are aware. As a short term solution I’ve been mapping hotcues to sample sounds on a regular track which is working well.

I hope this helps.


@Jay_DenonDJ: as many others can’t wait to see the update being made available.

With the “key adjust” it would be great if the “sort by key” the sorting of the camelot key also would be sorted correctly, today the SC5k shows:

"8B 8A 9B 9A 10B 10A 11B 11A 12B 12A 1B 1A 2B 2A etc " while it should be:

1A, 1B, 2A, 2B ……12A AND 12B.

I did posted this request back in June 2017 see https://denondjforum.com/t/key-sorting-incorrect/4329

Please confirm this will be part of the next update.

Hi @polderboy,

Although the Camelot wheel starts at 8A it is in fact musically correct as the scale starts from C Major (8B), I understand from the Camelot system this can throw people and it has been requested to start from 1A.

I cannot at this stage say when it when or if it will be implemented.

Thanks J

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Also, if you write your camelot keys as 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B… instead of 01A, 01B,… you will have sorting problems later.

you are correct the correct way should be 01A, 01B etc. that is also how I note them in RB but during the conversion EP changes it back to 1A, 1B.

Wait… so you’re saying I can use two 1200’s with Serato on channels 3 and 4 and continue to use prime on channels 1 and 2?

Hi, unfortunately not as the player must be switched into either controller mode (Serato) or standalone mode (4 channel fed by USB/SD/SATA or line inputs).

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