Duplicates & Library Backup & Run Cleanup

I have a few questions about Engine Prime…

(1) Is there a setting to “ignore” duplicate files “without” removing them?? If so, how do i access it. I have a lot of the same music files in different crates for faster access. It would be nice if only one file was displayed when there are duplicates.

(2) In the settings menu there is a Library Backup option… Is that going to backup gigabytes of music storage (in which i have no room for)… Or does it just create a “smaller” Library file??

(3) What does Run Cleanup actually do?? The only files i have are good music files. What does it actually cleanup??

This software is really slick… Creating CUE points and Loops could not be any simpler… Way to go Denon Dj.

You are wasting disk space.

You can have the same file in multiple crates and playlist.

Crates and Playlists are like virtual lists. Playlists allows the same track to be added multiple times, whereas Crates do not allow the same track to be added multiple times.

Another way to look at it is that Playlist will be a planned set list (but not necessarily so)

No. It backs up the Engine database. This is what engine prime needs to remember what tracks has cuepoints, loops, key info etc

I believe this removes links and data stored for tracks that you have deleted from engine prime collection thus reducing the size of the database that i mentioned above.


Thank you…

The only downside i see (unless i’m missing something) is the saved CUEs & LOOPs are only saving to the one file i am working on and are not carried over to any of their duplicate copies.

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That’s why to avoid duplicates

you can run your music through rekordcloud, it has a smart duplicates finder and delete

It will also merge hotcues to the copy of the duplicates you intend to keep

Powerful stuff

@Christiaan is the dev, you can PM him


Thanks again for the feedback guys. Perhaps these useful features will make it into a future Engine Prime software update.