Duplicate tracks in USB Drive after mcx8000 export function

Engine prime 1.3.1

I created crate in engine prime on the left side in my pc drive, then I created the same crate on the right side in my USB Drive and copied all the tracks from the left side to the right side (USB Drive), this is the procedure that I used for all crates. Then I clicked export to mcx8000. Now on my USB drive I see two folders one folder called “Engine Library” and one folder called “DENONDJ2”, and one of this is supposed to be the mcx8000 exported folder.

The Expected Result: is to find the mp3 files only in one folder.

The Actual Result: instead is that almost all mp3 files are duplicated and they are located in both folders. Why ? the total space of my mp3 tracks folder are 18.9GB on my pc, instead on my USB Drive the used space is 36.2GB, almost double space used. It seems that not all tracks are duplicated but almost all of them are duplicated. How to avoid the double space utilization on USB Drive ?

Operating System & Version: Windows 10

Hi @acosma,

It seems you are duplicating your efforts while creating a drive. You only need to create the crate on the left (internal HD) or right (media device) side. The most typical workflow that I recommend is to create your crates first on the left side, and then drag them over to the right side. After dragging them over click “Export to MCX8000”. This will move the files from the Engine Library folder to the DENONDJ2 folder. See the video below for a detailed walkthrough.

Hope this helps!

[Moving to general Engine Prime thread as this is not a bug]

Ok, and the same procedure also to update tracks ? I mean if for example I add some tracks to a crate on the left side and I want to update the right side of the usb drive, just drag the crate with the new added tracks to the right collection, correct ?

to delete tracks physically and from the crate,collection I need to delete them physically and on the collection on both sides, right ?

Yes, same process to update crates or playlists. Add the new music to the crate/playlist on the left then drag the list to the right. The list on the device will add/update only the recently added tracks.

It depends if you want to remove them from the media device or your collection completely. If you want to remove the tracks from both, it may be easier to delete them from your device first and then remove from the collection.

Ok, Thanks JWILL.