Ducking feature not working on brand new unit?

I just hooked up my new MC6000MK2 unit and the feature “ducking” does not even function. The mic works fine in both inputs but ducking does not lower the music at all. Am I missing something? Please help I have a wedding tomorrow.

Hi @jberenyi did you manage to get this to work in the end?

Hi @jberenyi,

Thanks for posting!

On the MC6000MK2, are you using the balanced Master outputs (XLR) on the controller, or the Booth 1/4" outputs?

XLR’s outputs

Thanks @jberenyi for the information.

If you are using the XLR outputs, there is nothing more you need to do to get “ducking” to work.

I would recommend reaching out to our your nearest Technical Support Office for further assistance with the product.

Please let us know how you make out!