Dual Deck Start? Traktor

I’ve noticed a feature that I found very useful on my old DDJSX missing on my new MC7000, Dual deck start?

On the sx2 you press both deck buttons the SX has a button for it, can’t seem to find a way of doing this on the Denon?

Using Traktor 2.11 Any ideas?


It’s not a feature of the hardware, it’s how they mapped the controller to the software. Controller is just a box of buttons and LED’s.

You need somebody who is good with traktor mappings.

Yeah, I think that someone will be hard to find, been looking on the controller manager for ages looking for the dual deck start option so I can assign a button for it that I don’t use, no luck so far.

I quite like the 7000, but I do miss my DDJSX, with out doubt the best Traktor controller imho.

Why don’t you just map an unused button to “play” for both decks?

Good idea! Didn’t think of that!