DS1 no signal

Afternoon all, so recently switched over to serato and got the denon s1, first today I hooked it up and everything was working fine, note that I am using it with phase DJ. However this afternoon whennsett8ng it up again… I now no longer get a signal or audio out the mixer. Everything is connected as should be, the blue light is on. Reverted back to my old soundcard and I can get signal through the mixer on other software. When connecting the DS1 again no audio, also not getting a signal tone in serato. USB is fine , RCA cables are fine. Changed USB ports done all the trouble shooting I can think of. Sadly still not getting audio from the card. Tried it on 2 mixers with same results, anyone have an idea what I should try next, how it went from working one day to not working the next is beyond me. Thanks.