Dropped hard drive

Hi peeps. Helppppppppp!!! Question for you. Is there away of putting back the music from the P4 hard drive back into EP as I dropped my main hard drive that contained all my music and lost everything.

Reboot Prime4 in computer mode and copy the complete internal disk to somewhere else.

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I really wanted to be able to drop the whole lot back into EP so they are sorted into crates again but don’t look like that’s going to happen

The Engine database is also on the Prime4, so you should be able to copy all back to the new drive.

You can also manage the collections/crates directly from within Engine Prime, when the Prime4 in computer mode. My collection IS on the Prime4.

Yes, just copy the complete Engine-Prime folder from internal drive to you external drive of your computer. Than you have all except the old folder structure, because engine prime sort it as artist - album internally. But if you have tagged all your files with genre, than you can use mp3tag to move that to genre folders back as well.

In EP it doesn’t allow you to copy tunes back from the P4

not with ep … but your explorer see the internal drive from the prime4 … so you can copy and paste :wink:

Don’t use EP for the copy.

Edit: what DJDark already said. :wink:

Plus … someone should be saying “and keep a backup drive at home” … so I. Igbo as well play devils advocate and say it.

The backup drive doesn’t have to be stupidly fast, just HDD. Nor does it have to be small or usb powered. Probably only cost an hours worth of gigging - then you don’t have to worry about this again


Smart arse it was my back up drive lol. But how many back up drives to you seriously have. It was brand new and working well until it got dropped

My entire mp3´s are on 3 HDD´s - one in my computer - one external and one in my prime 4 … and stopp LUL … one in my old dj gear :slight_smile:

I have 4 drives.

And my “real backup” - my CD´s & Vinyl on the roof :slight_smile:

I’ve got 5 copies of my library.


Carbon Copy Cloner on Mac makes backing up a breeze.

LOL all these remarks about “my backup is bigger than yours”. :sunglasses:

Anyway, have you tried the copy method mentioned already?

There is no substitute (or excuse) for crucial data backup anymore other than SSD. Get one in a rubber housing just in case (don’t want to physically break the circuit board) and you can drop it from a 3rd story building.

I second the “outside EP” way of cloning disks. As the unit will not be able to differentiate between two cloned disks. The same is not always true for just copying over stuff.

Hi Reese I agree with you and all I was try to ask is : can you drop your crates and folders back into EP from the P4 but I think I sussed it now. I have worked out what crates and playlists are missing from EP then loaded up the P4 hard drive and done a search on the P4 drive for the “named” playlists and crates. :+1:

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I have an online back up too, Backblaze. Pay a couple of quid a month and I can download any lost tracks / programs online. If I lost the whole drive (touch wood) I can buy a drive from them with everything on.