Dropouts on brand new MCX 8000

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing dropouts ever since I first plugged in my new MCX8000 controller to my Windows 10 PC. I noticed within the first 30 minutes that something wasn’t right. I was experiencing sporadic yet consistent dropouts - i.e. music would audibly and noticeably pop. Although this popping noise only lasts probably a hundred milliseconds or so, it occurs much more often than I would expect a high-end piece of equipment to be producing. These drop-outs occur when I am just playing music from Spotify or Youtube as well as in Serato when I am actually mixing. They occur anywhere between 10 seconds after another to 5-10 minutes

Thins I have tried:

  • Updated all drivers (chipset, USB Ports, ethernet, graphics, etc.)
  • Changed windows setting to prefer performance over appearance
  • Power plan has been modified to never allow the monitor or the system to go to sleep
  • Ability for Windows to selectively turn off USB ports to save power in the Device Manager has been disabled
  • I have also tried different USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) on my PC with no effect
  • Monitoring registered latency with LatencyMon, result: “Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts” after ~13 minutes of mixing in Serato (more detailed results at end of Post)

Specs of PC:

  • AMD Ryzen 1700 (base 3GHz) → is this okay to use for Denon DJ Products? I could not find any minimum system requirements for the MCX8000 but thought maybe Intel processors work better
  • 16 gb DDR4 RAM 3000 MHz (underclocked at 2133)
  • MSI Tomahawk B450 Motherboard
  • AMD RX580 Graphics card (MSI build)

Using most recent Versions of MCX8000 Windows Driver (1.0.5), MCX Firmware (2.1) and Serato (2.1.2)

LatencyMon Results:

LatencyMon_Results.txt (14.9 KB)

Have you tried adjusting latency in Serato? I’ve too have experienced the pops and clicks, was cured completely by kicking up the latency in Serato.

AMD cpu not recommended for Serato, some folks use it though.

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Yeah I have done that now too. Bumped up the buffer size to the largest possible and still noticed dropouts.

mufasa may be on to something in that case.

Hi @cwm5412, thank you for your detailed post. Looks like you;ve been thorough in your testing, I’d recommend contacting our Global Support team to see how this can be resolved for you: https://

Regards J

I am having a similar issue on my HP I7 Laptop with 8gb of RAM and 16 of Optane RAM. I played 3 times last weekend and my sound became garbled where I had to hit the audio latency a few times. That was Friday. Then Saturday I forgot to hook up my laser mouse and it worked perfectly. I just got this controller too. It definitely seems like it’s computer issue and not a controller issue but, that controller does have two video screens that a lot of controllers don’t have so, it’s gonna take up some resources on the PC. I even stopped using my USB WD Passport drive which is USB powered. I got a hard drive that I plug in now. I really haven’t heard the garbled issue since I unplugged my mouse. This controller also should be used with USB 2.0 ports as stated in the instructions.