Dropbox Integration - FAQ & KB

This is the knowledge base and FAQ resource for all things Dropbox related, both Engine OS and Engine Prime. Please use this thread to do discuss all things related to the Dropbox integration. If your question is not answered in this post please add it below and we will answer it here.

How to Use Dropbox

Engine Prime

  1. To get started, Download Dropbox desktop application from the official Dropbox site. Download Dropbox for Mac and Windows

  2. Install Dropbox using the DropboxInstall.dmg file (Mac) or DropboxInstall.exe (Windows)

  3. If you already have a Dropbox account, Sign In using your credentials you signed up to dropbox with.

  4. If you have not ever had a Dropbox account Sign Up creating your Dropbox account.

  5. Choose an option for your dropbox files:

    • Online only will only store your files in Dropbox online (saves space)
    • Local will make a copy to your local harddrive and then make a copy on your Dropbox storage (safer)
  6. Follow the remaining Dropbox install instructions and you are all set up.

  7. Either restart Engine Prime or Browse to the Library tab in Preferences screen of Engine Prime and switch on Dropbox under the Cloud Storage section.

  8. You should now see Dropbox present in Engine Prime in both the Devices panel and Sync Manager as a target to send your audio files to. These work exactly the same as a external drive or SD card. Just choose the Playlists you want to add. Drag and Drop or Sync away, Dropbox will manage the files up to its cloud service.

Engine OS

  1. Choose a Source Drive. A source is required to temporarily cache your database files. This allows performance data such as waveform overview, hot cues, loops, etc… to instantly load after download.

  2. Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  3. Open the Utility menu, swipe up to Cloud Services/Dropbox and then tap LOG IN.

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to activate your Engine OS device.

  5. Select the Dropbox drive from the Quicksource menu in the top left corner.

Here is a quick walkthrough video that goes through the basic functionality and usage.

Beta Known Issues

  • Changes are not synced back up to the cloud. We plan to expand Dropbox capabilities in the future including bi-directional syncing but this ability will not be part of the initial 1.6 release.
  • Login is not retained after power cycle.
  • Dropbox folder browsing is not yet implemented. Please use Engine Prime to pack tracks to the dropbox drive.
  • Continuous mode playback is not yet implemented for Dropbox.
  • Recording is currently not allowed for Dropbox tracks.

FAQs and Trouble Shooting

What are Dropbox Business and Dropbox Personal - Which one should I use?

Dropbox has differing tiers of account depending on which plan you are subscribed to. On installation of Dropbox the installer will install both locations for its services and Dropbox Personal will also be used for Dropbox Free account. Dropbox Personal has less storage space than Business, is expected to be used by an individual and therefore is cheaper. Dropbox Business has unlimited data storage and multiple users but is probably less suited to a DJ environment. We recommend you assess the best option for your usage here:

Dropbox not showing in Engine Prime?

  1. Confirm Dropbox has installed the application in either of the following locations according to your OS:
  • Mac - Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Applications⁩ ▸ Dropbox
  • Win - “C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin”
  1. Confirm Dropbox has installed a folder location where you will send your music files on your computer in the following locations:
  • Mac - Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨UserName⁩ ▸ Dropbox
  • Win - C:Users\Admin\Dropbox
  1. Restart Engine Prime

Not all my files that I Synced to Dropbox are showing on my Prime hardware?

  1. Confirm everything you Synced to your Dropbox target with Engine Prime has be sent to Dropbox Cloud. This will depend on your internet connection you are using on your computer at the time.

You can check your Dropbox Sync status to the cloud by opening your Dropbox Widget on your desktop. On Windows this is in the applications dock. On Mac its in your header bar.

  1. Clicking on this will open Dropbox status widget and at the foot of the show you if you are Syncing files to the cloud or you are up to date, you can open the status view by clicking the up arrow.

Once all your files are synced between your Dropbox folder and Dropbox cloud your Sync Queue will look like this. 3. You can also check your files directly in your Dropbox folder location on your computer. Default locations for the Dropbox folder are:

  • Mac - Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨UserName⁩ ▸ Dropbox
  • Win - C:Users\Admin\Dropbox

If you have a green tick next to the file the Sync is completeIf its a blue circle, then sync is still taking place up to Dropbox cloud

My Sync isn’t completing up to Dropbox Cloud?

You may have run out of space on your Dropbox account. Dropbox Free will give you 2GB of free space - once you have exhausted this space Dropbox will no longer sync any new files up to the cloud location where your Prime players stream the audio files from. You may need to consider upgrading to larger storage to house all your audio files.

You may have disconnected from the internet on your computer that was Syncing your files to the Dropbox Cloud.

I don’t have enough space on my local harddrive to store all my music files before they get Synced to Dropbox Cloud?

You can select where your Dropbox folder lives in the Sync tab your Dropbox preferences and point this at an external harddrive to use this at your Dropbox folder location.

Open the Dropbox widget on the dock on Windows or header bar on Mac. Click on your account dropdown in the top right with your intial and select preferences. Select the Sync tab and at the foot of the section you can choose your Dropbox folder location. We recommend you restart Engine Prime after you have changed location.

Be aware that if you choose a drive that is external to the computer you are running Engine Prime on, you will need to have the external drive plugged in at all times to see your Dropbox files and the ability to sync to Dropbox in Engine Prime. The transfer process will likely not be as fast as leaving your Dropbox folder location on the internal harddrive of your computer.

Please log all flexible beat grid issues you encounter as you would normally in the respected Issues & Defects sections.

For Dropbox I can see the Tracks but when I try to load them I get Failed to load track ( file Unavailable)

I don’t mean to clutter up the thread with something other than bug reports but… Wow. Testing. It’s actually very, very, very, cool. Not to mention in a pinch when one need to sneak on some new promos! I love it. Thank you!

However I do want to take this moment in this space to BEG for the ability to export a history or at least a playlist, back out to drop box :: Especially if we can get a switch to flip & make the time information mixcloud compatible.