Dropbox Bugs, Continious Play Bugs

I Used 2 SC 5000 with X 1800 and 2 64 GB Memory Cards withe Engine Prime 1.6 Beta

Problem 1:

I use the SC 5000 with a 64 GB memory card. Each time the player is restarted, it compares the saved database on the memory card and releases the dropbox. But if I play 100 songs, all songs that are played online are saved on the memory card. But if the memory is too small, it can no longer save at some point. Is there a possibility that the songs are only loaded in the buffer and not on the storage medium, maybe with the next update.

Problem 2:

When I load a playlist and go to continuous play it only plays a few songs and then stops when it plays them completely.

That’s not a bug, that’s a feature. The songs are saved like that to avoid having to download and analyse them after the first time.

The solution to your storage space problem is to simply carry around a spare empty USB drive and use this for Dropbox - the SC5000 supports up to 3 USB devices and 1 memory card per deck so using 1 specifically for Dropbox shouldn’t be an issue