Download & Release Notes - v1.4 Public Beta 1

Hi Everyone!

I’m proud to announce our very first PRIME 4 Public Beta! The main new features in this beta are the ability to connect to the internet and TIDAL Music Streaming service. Full release notes and download links below. We look forward to your feedback!

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Enabled internet via hard-wired and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Integrated TIDAL Hi-Fi music streaming service.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved speed for searches that return many tracks.
  • Quantize state is now saved over shutdown/power on.
  • Zone out now shows progress bar for current playing track.
  • Fixed an issue where tracks with a metatag BPM outside the range of 30-250 would result extreme BPM ranges. This also includes BPMs that use commas instead of periods to show the decimal number ie: 120,00 BPM.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for the file name of a track would result in incorrect results returned.
  • Fixed an issue where certain 320kbps AAC tracks would playback with audio artifacts.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that would allow the system to crash if many short (less than 1 second) tracks were played on multiple decks using continuous mode for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases, a deck’s track skip button would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where a mouse cursor would appear when a combo USB keyboard/trackpad was connected.
  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Known Public Beta Issues:

This is a list of bugs that we are aware of and will be fixed before the final release of 1.4.

  • Switching from a local collection to TIDAL Search and back again may result in a crate/playlist not showing it’s contents. Workaround: Select a different crate/playlist and then re-select the original list.
  • Track selection will reset to the top of the list if any track in the list changes to green/played state.
  • Track selection is reset when changing a track lists’s sort order.
  • Rapidly disabling/enabling Wi-Fi connectivity sometimes results in a mismatch between the icon state and Wi-Fi functionality. Workaround: Switch Wi-Fi off and on again.
  • If a database/collection is recognized as corrupted, removing the drive without properly ejecting it will result in the Prime 4 resetting.
  • If a database/collection is corrupted and requires a migration to the latest version, this process will hang forever, requiring the removal of the drive and a force shut down (holding the power button for 10 seconds) of the Prime 4.
  • Downgrading to a pre 1.4 released version will not disable Wi-Fi connectivity. Denon DJ is not aware of any issues caused by this. To avoid this, simply disable WIFI before downgrading to the previous version.


Please review this important topic prior to downloading and installing the beta build.



i can not open the download…

All links have been verified working. What OS are you running?

my fault… it was a problem with AVAST (anti virus). it is updating now! thanks for the amazing support!

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Awesome! Thanks for confirming! :raised_hands:


Is this optimisation on the same database or is there need to update the db somewhere?

Hey @addie,

This is for the current database. No need to recreate the database.

@JWiLL how the hell did you get our old database now that fast ? Hallelujah … you enter only some letters, and bam bam there are the requests … Why not from start on xdddd - impressive. :heart::heart_eyes::+1:


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i update my P4 on the V1.4 beta Version. So long, everything is ok, but: When i will search for example a titel i click the first letter and it will take 6 sekonds bevor i can click the second letter and after 5 sekonds i can click the next and so on…

Problem with the Database? After Update the firmware i do nothing with the internal HD!!!

Hi Ninogpunkt,

The hang-up after the first letter already has a confirmed bug report. Will be worked on, I’m sure.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback. very great the denon forum!!!


A small contribution to this update with some chatter from my side

Great it’s here! Had no issues with it (besides from caps/shift behaviour in Password differs from global search keyboard). Some possible improvements on networking i’ve seen so far:

  • Prefer a network (If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your area, you can tell your Prime to prefer one network over another, by switching it on in the network settings (above Auto connect). Also you can prefer a single location network over a mobile hotspot this way
  • Eye icon for unmasking/masking entered Password (peak function to see if entered correct)
  • Show MAC-adres, BSSID and Frequency in Network info
  • Option to manual configure static IP (and Gateway)

This is great :+1: Tidal works like a charm. Online searches and track loading are fast (of course depending on your connection), nearly almost all navigation options are available. The team did an excellent job here! One improvement would be to show the Year in track info.

Unfortunately, due to the ‘freeze’ bug, I have not been able to test this properly yet, but I am very very happy that this has been worked on!

Neat! Would like to see this with Channel FX and Sweep FX Buttons also

Good update, simple, very effective and looks nice. For the future it might be handy to see the total time remaining on Zone out (to be sure there is enough music in the list untill end of performance)

Big thumbs up for this fix :slight_smile: Saves a lot of time on older collections with ‘wrong’ BPM field. Haven’t had a BPM 500 back so far, tracks are treated as if there is no BPM in the tag and calculated by Prime itself.

All in all an excellent update when it is ready for release, keep up the good work!


Where is the USB updater? I cannot get the windows update to work and the update instructions don’t help.

  1. Unzip the update file
  2. move update.img to empty usb stick.
  3. insert stick to USB port
  4. turn off device
  5. hold eject button while switching on device again.
  6. Now it should update without software

The link for Beta updates:

shown at top of the forum

I tried updating to 1.4, but after the update, my Prime 4 won’t go past the intro screen where is shows the Firmware number. It seems to be stuck. Tried turning off the unit and back on, but it did not fix the issue. Ending up going back to 1.3.2. Any suggestions why the Prime 4 won’t load into the main screen?

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The update of 1.4.1b was a little bit tricky here,too. I needed 2 times to get it to work. My device also stucked in the first screen. I turned off there and with holding my finger on the eject button for sd/usb, I turned it back on - to start in update mode.

then again - update program start on computer

after that it - it worked.

left the first bootscreen for a while, because prime4 is sorting itself a bit.

@JWiLL When downloading tracks from TIDAL, does it get saved in my database? It would be cool to have a folder with all downloaded tracks in a downloads folder to prevent going back and forth to a certain playlist. Could I create my own playlist within TIDAL on the PRIME 4?