Download & Release Notes - v1.4 PRIME Series Public Beta 2

Hi Everyone!

We’re very happy to inform you that Engine Embedded v1.4 Beta 2 is now available and supports the SC5000, SC5000M and PRIME 4. This update unlocks Wi-Fi, and TIDAL music streaming service for all PRIME Series Media Players as well as additional features and improvements.

Release Notes

SC5000/M users should also check out the Beta 1 Release Notes as the new features and improvements pertain to SC5000 and SC5000M as well.


  • Source switch icon implemented and moved to top of left-hand navigation
    • TIDAL Icon is removed from crates/playlist/search and applied to source switch icon
  • Played state is shown (green) on TIDAL tracks
  • Wi-Fi icon in source screen shows ‘crossed through’ when Wi-Fi is disabled

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • “Connecting To TIDAL” is now shown when the unit is logging into TIDAL services.
  • Fixed an issue where searching would cause the GUI to lock up for a few seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where flipping back and forth between Tidal search and a drives folder’s could cause the unit to reset.
  • Fixed an issue where the track focus would jump to the bottom of the song list when searching.
  • Fixed an issue where hot cues did not always trigger correctly when quantize was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading Tidal tracks would stop working after a while.
  • Improved seeking through FLAC files.
  • Prime 4 record level is again the same level as 1.3.2 (was lower in Beta 1).
  • Improved Wi-Fi connection handling.
  • Misc stability improvements and fixes.

Beta 2 Known Issues:

  • In certain circumstances, instant doubling tracks may break ability to download/play TIDAL tracks.
  • Downgrading to a pre 1.4 released version will not disable Wi-Fi connectivity. Denon DJ is not aware of any issues caused by this. To avoid this, simply disable WIFI before downgrading to the previous version.


Please review this important topic prior to downloading and installing the beta build.











Finally nice to see that preferences seem to be retained when updating via USB3 cable method. Thanks!


Has anyone been able to update the Prime 4 1.4 Beta 1 to Beta 2 from the Mac Updater? I tried several times, but nothing seems to change after the Macbook show the message that the unit was “sucessfully” updated. Also noticed that on the unit, nothing seems to show as updating (Controller version, Mixer version, …) after the so called update finishes on the Macbook. I even tried rolling back to 1.3.2 (which succeeds and the unit shows the above mentioned gauges for controller being updated to 1.14 and Mixer to 1.29). After that was successful, I tried going directly to 1.4 Beta 2, but would not work. I’m at a loss as to how to proceed next… @Nekoro_DenonDJ Can you or someone else verify if the MacUpdater zip file does indeed contain the Beta2 ? Also, please advise your developers of the need to update the splash screen with the Beta number. I would also recommend updating the file name of the file inside the zip file with a better description, stating version and beta number as well. Not doing so show a low level of care (also known as laziness) EDIT Oct 10, 8:15 EDT --> Sorry, I take this last statement back <-- END EDIT, and - as Steve Jobs used to say: “the devil is in the details.”

Other than streaming music from Tidal, what else is the WiFi used for?

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The firmware versions are listed within the Utility Menu. Beta 2 should have the following component versions:

  • Firmware Version: 1.4.0 4479dc69
  • Left Display: 00.34
  • Controller: 01.14
  • Right Display: 00.34
  • Mixer: 01.29

Your comments have been noted but our developers are FAR from lazy…

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Ok, @JWiLL Thanks for your prompt reply. Did you have the oportunity to verify if the Mac updater file is indeed the new one? In the mean time, will try to run the update from Windows running from vmWare Fusion to see if it succeeds.

Yes, the links were verified prior to publishing the post.

Visually there would be very little difference (if any) between Beta 1 and Beta 2.

Let me verify Beta 1 > Beta 2 on Mac is working in my environment. I previously updated from 1.3.2 public to Beta 2 without issue.


Thanks once again. Can you please advise on the 1.4 Beta1 and 1.4 Beta2 executable (not the zip files) files sizes? The reason I think my unit is not taking the update is because none of the following are present after the 1.4 beta2 update finishes and the unit reboots:

  • Source switch icon implemented and moved to top of left-hand navigation
  • TIDAL Icon is removed from crates/playlist/search and applied to source switch icon
  • Played state is shown (green) on TIDAL tracks
  • Wi-Fi icon in source screen shows ‘crossed through’ when Wi-Fi is disabled.

As stated above, please remember I found it strange not to see any gauge for Controller, Mixer, Left and Right Displays on the unit after the Macbook had finished running the update and showing the message that it was sucessful. Did you see those running your own update to Beta2 from a Mac Updater?

What happened with serato dj support for SC5000M ? Will really need this here on my country

Hi @edwinaltamiranodj, please help to keep conversations on topic. Serato support is not part of this release but I already confirmed its coming on the relevant thread linked below.

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If you confirm the component versions I outlined above, you are running Beta 2.

This update is definitely a step in the right direction. No more searching GUI freezes :grinning: Also going back to library keeps it’s position, I’m really happy about that!! I’m gonna test the record level to see if it has improved, it was super low. Unfortunately on the Prime 4, we still have to press & hold view for 2secs to get to the sources menu. Sadly, Tidal is still at the top left of the screen, just like the previous version. I use various drives and it bugs me like crazy having to hold view to get to switch sources. But overall, it’s definite progress (so far). Thanks Denon!!!

Over the next few months several other music streaming services are gonna get added too.

I wouldn’t use streaming for any high percentage of the tracks I play at events, I’ll use my own harddrive of tunes for that, but streaming the tracks that might get requested, which I might not have in my main collection is cool and benefits the punters at the gig. Plus, if I like the track, I’ll buy it outright from one of my usual sources.

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@JWiLL - so for us 5000/5000m users who have read about the prime 4 users using tidal for the last two months, when we join the tidal trial, do we each get a whole 3 free month trial or just the remaining month that’s left to prime 4 users ?

Wi-Fi will be used in the future for features outside of streaming. Nothing I can comment on specifically but we’ve got some great ideas on the roadmap.


The 3 months is for any new TIDAL account. If you haven’t unlocked your code yet, just register your product on our website to unlock and access. The 3 months starts the day you redeem the promotional code on TIDAL’s website.


However, this is a beta version for testing. I don’t know whether to risk it with this update

Just roll back to previous version before any important gig.

If everyone left the testing to “someone else” we’d still be living in trees

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Downloaded & installed :smiley: went very fast & smooth interface seems speedier doing a deep dive all night :partying_face: