Download & Release Notes - v1.4.2 (SoundCloud) Public Beta 1

Hi Everyone!

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our latest streaming service - SoundCloud! SoundCloud brings the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth to both our SC5000 and SC5000M Media Players plus the PRIME 4 Standalone DJ Console.

If you are not a SoundCloud user but would like to try out their music service, click the link below for a free 30 day GO+ trial.

We’re excited to bring DJs this new standalone capability and look forward to your feedback!

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Integrated SoundCloud Go+ music streaming service.

Note: SoundCloud functionality replaces TIDAL in this Beta build however both streaming services will coexist in the final build of 1.4.2.

Known Public Beta Issues:

This is a list of bugs that we are aware of and will be fixed before the final release of 1.4.2.

  • Some SoundCloud track lists or folders may not display a complete list of results.
  • Changing Soundcloud track quality and reloading the same track causes it to play at an incorrect pitch/tempo. For the public beta, we recommend choosing a track quality setting in the beginning and sticking with it.
  • People/Playlists filters in SoundCloud search may result in a subset of results shown.
  • Scrolling down to fetch more tracks may fetch less results each time.
  • “Fetching more tracks” may appear when there are no more tracks to fetch.
  • In some folders, selecting a playlist whilst “Fetching more content” is displayed, will cause it to stop fetching more playlists.
  • SoundCloud may fail to download tracks when loading in quick succession onto different decks/layers.
  • In rare circumstances, waveform and audio can hang when tapping play on 2 SoundCloud tracks at same time.
  • ‘Regular’ SoundCloud quality does not display bitrate/codec.
  • Cancelling download with no network connection temporarily freezes unit.

Before participating, it’s important to acknowledge the following:

  • Beta builds are not complete and may contain bugs
  • Always create a backup of your Engine Library before installing beta builds
  • Beta builds should not be used in live performance environments

When reporting issues:

  • Post issues in the Defects & Issues section not in this thread or on Facebook
  • Use the provided template
  • Be as descriptive as possible
  • Post only one issue per topic
  • Keep conversations on topic
  • Be considerate to community members and staff

Useful links to help familiarize yourself with good beta practices and processes:


SC5000 MAC | WIN




So come on all those people that scoffed at Tidal and said that the one they really wanted was Soundcloud … >>>>>>> here it is !!!

Any other changes/improvements other than SoundCloud? Keep the good work Denondj!!

Sorry, SoundCloud Go+ is not available in my country so I can’t help you testing this.

  • Software or Firmware Version: (1.2, 1.3.1, etc…) Firmware 1.4 and 1.4.1
  • Reproducibility: (ex: Happens 1 out of 10 times.)

The problem is recurrent with each song playback on deck 1, 2, 3 and 4 the display jumps (flashes once), after 28 seconds when playing music and we have the visual of a file. the firmware updates are carried out via a macbook pro mid 2012 OSX Mojave, I7, 16go Ram at 1867mhz, SSD 512 Serie Pro Samsung 850. In the Prime 4 there is the same SSD.

No Problem with firmware 1.3.3. It’s very nice !

Video Jump display P4 “0.28secs”

Has the above problem been solved, apart from the integration of SoundCloud ???

Hi @DjMell26 - Thank you for the report but as mentioned above.

Please create a new topic in the Defects & Issues section.

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