Downladed, Installed and Engine Imediatly Crashes On MAC

I am using a Mid 2012 Mac Mini running 10.8.5 with an i7 and 16 GB of RAM. After I installed Engine and tried to open it all it does is immediately crash before it finishes loading. What OSX does Engine support? I could not find it listed anywhere. This is the machine I use to manage and add music to my external drives and have never had any issues with other programs.

Any thoughts???



Got a Mac Mini as well. Let me check if I am experiencing the same… Got the Mac as a kind of testing machine. I am more a Windows guy… Will come back as soon as I tested it.

most programs are targeted at the currently (by apple) supported versions of osx. which right now would be 10.9+. it ran fine for me on 10.9.5.

Hello, unfortunately OSX 10.8.5 is not supported. We recommend OSX 10.10+ but 10.9 will work. You will notice a significant iprovement in your computers performance in general updating based on your specifcations as the OS was greatly otimised.

I experience same problem on my windows 8.1 laptop (8gb ram, i5 2.8ghz, fully updated. Prime loads but before anything it crashes. On my windows 10 desktop it runs, a bit slow and wobbly but it runs. Adding files and analying as we speak…

Are both aystems 64bit?

Yes! On my windows 10 desktop, it seems to bare a heavy load on my gpu but since i moved all my files to a exfat drive it runs without crashing. Unfortunatly, windows search cannot index exfat drives. And i am waiting for a solution to import my traktor library and playlists. As rekordbuddy for windows is not released. More difficult is dat on my laptop with wi dows 8.1, prime just wont launch proparly and keeps crashing. But that must be due to something stupid hopefully. Thanks for your reply!!

Rao, which Windows 8.1 do you have? 32bit? 64bit?

Like i said, 64bit. I can send u a screen shot of my specs when i get home!

I had a few minor glitches after the initial installation, but after a computer reboot it seems to have smoothed out my issues. I’m sure you have already but if not it’s worth restarting your computer. I’m on a 2012 windows 10 laptop and it all seems to be grooving!

I figured it out!! And it seems to work now, at least it boots up properly and doesnt ■■■■ down. … I remebered an update problem i had with native instruments updates. My user account on the laptop has an ‘é’ in it so i changed the name of that account and user folder, rebooted and started up engin, and voila, seems to be good to go! (for ni updates i used a workaround with a test admin account but i suddenly remamberd that the é could be the cause and it seemed to be… Keep u posted!

that’s very much debatable. for me for example, 10.9 eats much more ram and cpu for exactly the same stuff compared to 10.8. 10.9 (and higher) have also introduced a number of nasty things like SIP and changes to the c++ libs many people don’t want. not to mention the different look with 10.10 and above that’s not popular with some folks either.

bottom line is, never upgrade blindly. if, for whatever reason, you feel like upgrading then first do a test installation on a different partition or disk and check whether the other one is an actual improvement for you.