Doubts about the future of the MCX8000

Hello @JWILL to make the forms of the correct form I open this thread here as you advise me

I own an MCX8000, the truth is that I have not had any serious problems, I guess because I was lucky enough to buy a day before the 2.0 update, I know from a recent comment from you that was involved in the development of this equipment for what I suppose I have more reasons to love the same saying this I would like to ask a couple of questions

1- The development of an update for the MCX 8000 for Stagelinq (functionality promised for sale) is maintained as I comment here Bug in mcx8000 and new feature request

They could also give free soundswitch (in the end they are the owners) to those who have an mcx8000 and thus forget about the firmware issue with stagelinq support (although I would prefer a license for serato video and serato flip but this is just me, i would like to know the opinion of others) since those who bought an mc7000 they have it for a lower price so I think it would be a fair compensation

2- The launch of firmwares for the correction of errors is maintained as it tells me here [CONFIRMED] Prepare List Momentarily Displays Zeros Instead of Track Info

3- If the previous answers are affirmative below I leave a comment that may help you with the problem of the screens and I would like to know when we could wait for such updates

One more question, I would like to receive a little more information about this problem [WILL NOT IMPLEMENT] Custom Hotcue Colors Set in Engine Prime do not Match on MCX8000 that apparently cannot be resolved excuse my curiosity but my studies of electronics first and then of computer engineer make me curious about these issues, is it because of the implementation of stagelinq? Well I prefer not to have this last and have my cue with the correct colors but that is me of course, excuse me so many questions

Finally, I would like to add a comment that might help others, I recently published this Random screen freeze with maximum brightness

I have been doing some tests since it had never happened to me because I always worked with the screen lighting in MID until the day I had to work outdoors, I managed to work well with the maximum brightness by doing the following

I set the brightness to low and turn off the equipment, I turn it on and unplug it to the PC I wait about five minutes (you can go playing some track in engine mode while) after these five minutes I put the brightness of the screens in HIGH and I’m still in engine mode about 5 more minutes, then I can connect to the PC and open serato so far I have tried it for more than 5 hours without freezing I hope this last one will serve those who have this equipment with this problem for when they need to work in daylight , the rest of the time I recommend putting it in MID since that has never failed me

sorry for my English


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Hi @El_Corsario,

Thank you for posting in the correct area. Please see my comments below.

  1. We are still working on this and plan to release once the complete and tested.
  2. Confirmed issues will be addressed in the next firmware update.

No further information is available about matching cue colors. Due to project priorities, and resources, it is not a feature we plan to implement for MCX8000.


Thank you @JWiLL ill for your quick response, it is good to know that those of us who trust the MCX8000 still have greetings support


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