Double search possible

Is it possible to do a double search, example:

Search 1: all “bigroom” files Search 2: within the “bigroom” files search the songs with key “3A”


Search 1: all songs with a BPM between 124 - 126 search 2: all songs from seach 1 with key “4A”


…and does search also work with elements of a artist and title, say i want to find Michael Jackson - Blame it on the boogie, can i just type Michael Boogie and find it?

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this is a big question for me too, multi word search is a big deal for a lot of people, it took pioneer forever to finally add that and its on the NXS2

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I would also love to see search by BPM and then key as well.

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If i am correct, that allready implemented!

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Maybe I’m / we are missing something @RAO.DJ please explain how?

Well u can search said parameters in the software, and sort the results by tab sort. And on the players u can also sort list by key or tempo, or am i missing the point?