Dont work , imposible to update firm

My prime 4 don’t work… Only work touchscreen… Don’t work view pad and it’s impossible to update or reinstall firm… Why don’t have other way to update firm without push “view” pad??

Do you have an SSD drive installed?

No… It’s new… I open yesterday

Hi @caracol, thanks for posting. Sorry about your PRIME 4, let’s work together in solving your issue! When you power on the unit, do any error messages show up on the screen at all?

I’m trying to upload video… Don’t show any error message

I don’t have a Prime 4, but do you not need to load a track to get the deck activated?

Some things I’ve noticed:

  • You keep pressing view while the Prime4 is still starting up and calibrating.

  • You need to press and hold view to open preferences/utility. From there you can restart in pc controller mode or update via usb-drive. However, you already have 1.3.2 so…

  • Library and search only work when a source is selected.


  • You need to remove the foil of the platters…before posting any other problems. :sunglasses:

As @Reese said, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, unless I’ve missed something?

The only difference to my machine is that the light show goes on a few seconds longer than the time it takes the internal software to load. I have a SSD so maybe it’s that. You’re on the latest firmware anyway.

So yeah, put some music on it and it should be okay. Many of the parts your touching (screen and buttons) need a song loaded first and as Reece said, take the platter plastic off.


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if you see any unboxing video of prime 4 like this for example you can see that some lights of decks its on when start withouth usb charged music. i make this video to show that not work, i turn on prime 4 20 times for example and i try to make something ,load tracks, push view pad toupdate, push after and before,push more than 20 sec ,etc,and dont make nothing.

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Could you make a video without touching anything?!

Perhaps that way DenonDJ can see in what stage it stops loading.

From what I can tell, it stops loading just before searching for available sources and illuminating the default buttons.

If I press view several times during startup, my internal SSD does not appear btw…

What follows are genuine suggestions, believe me, I assure you I’m not being sarcastic.

Turn the P4 on without pressing any buttons. At all. Well, apart the power button obviously :wink:

Wait about 30-40 seconds before you touch anything else. Please.

Add some music files to a USB thumb drive on your main PC/Mac.

Put that USB thumb drive in the P4 via one of the top slots and then select the USB thumb drive as the source on the P4.

What happens then Anything? Nothing?

Once you have selected the USB thumb drive as the source, on the left hand side Files button, select any music track & swipe right to load it to a deck.

Does it load it to a deck and start analysing the track? If so, cool.

Once the P4 has analysed the track and loaded it into the deck you selected you should then be able to hit play, and use all the main functions.

Let us all know what happens if you do all of the above please, thanks.

I turn on p4… Don’t touch anything… Make the same as video… Imposible to load any track because controls not make nothing… I’ll send to denon… I think it’s broken

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