Doesn`t boot to "Computer Mode"

Hi all,

latest 1.4.1 flashed. Just bought the Serato DVS add on and of course i would love to check it out. Booted up the controller and tapped on the computer icon @ source menu. Unit is rebooting and hangs at “loading computer mode” (animation does not freeze). How long should it usually take to get there?

Tried with and without USB connected to my Windows notebook.


Hi @Ciacomix - Thanks for your question! The computer mode screen will change to the Serato interface as soon as Serato is recognized.

Have you installed the PRIME 4 driver for Windows?

If so, and the screen is not working are you able to control the software with the PRIME 4? It may be the USB port on your computer. I would suggest trying a different USB port.

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Thanks for your reply! Latest Windows driver is installed. I`ll try a different USB port tomorrow however it does not say “searching for computer” on the Prime display. It just stucks on “loading computer mode” and animation is still running.

One more question: Shouldnt the screen say "searching for computer" or something like that? I mean when loading is done (doesnt matter if a computer is connected or not)? So in fact some different status as “loading”?

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