Does the Engine DB contain relative paths or absolut ones?

I am wondering: Does the Engine DB contain relative paths to the media files as in /x/y/sound.mp3 or absolute ones as in /Volumes/USB1/x/y/sound.mp3?

Asking because.I wonder what happens if I make a 1:1 copy of an existing USB media drive to one with another name. Will everything work or will Engine DJ look for the media files on “the other” USB drive?

I did a copy of my USB stick 1:1 and all worked on the players. I don’t know if it would work also for an external library drive… Something worth testing shortly, maybe…

Recently I did a transfer from one drive to another - SSD to HDD and it worked as expected.

Also drive names made no difference.

I presumed it’s quicker than exporting again as I needed the SSD for new tracks so I just copied across np :ok_hand:

It will work :slight_smile: