Does something like this exist?

Hello all!

Its a rainy day here in the north west of England so iv been spending some time sorting my playlists and iv had a thought.

Does an app exist to link tracks together? Its pretty hard for me to explain but ill give it a go.

Lets say you have a track (track 1) and that track mixes well with tracks 2,3,4 so I mix into track 2. Then track 2 mixes well into tracks 4,7,9 for example. Is there software I could use to automate this?

Sorry if it makes no sense it does in my head haha!

Automate how? You want software that mixes for you?

If it’s just making a note of which tracks work well together, Rekordbox has a ‘match tracks’ option.

No ill be doing the mixing unfortunately haha!

For example, if 2 tracks have similar baselines, similar synth sounds etc… so when I load a track it might say this track mixes well with these tracks because they have similar sounds. Im the one that defines which tracks are linked though.

As I see it in my head I want to say it looks similar to a family tree, as im typing this I know I sounds bonkers haha!

You could create crates/playlists based on that criteria. Playlists is probably more suitable as they appear in order on EP I think.

Viral DJ used to offer a recommend next song, based on what you were playing at the time.

The danger with “recommend” and with custom tags is that every disco could become clone-a-disco like what you played after song x , at a wedding 10 years ago, is what you get prompted to play after song x at last weeks wedding, this weeks wedding , next weeks wedding, next years wedding and all that

This might be interesting for you:

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Thanks for your input everyone, iv got a few ideas now.