Does sc5000 sent midi clock

Could I use a Pioneer Toraiz SP-16? And does the sc5000 sent midi clock to the sp-16 or for instance NI Mashine?

Only if you use a X1800 mixer and then connect midi out from the mixer to the SP-16 midi in. SC5000’s of course connected into the X1800’s LAN hub and Engine Link enabled. Also note that SP-16 would not be quantized to the audio from the SC units, it would only receive what’s the current BPM info.

The tempo data sent from the SC5000 isn’t MIDI, most likely some type of proprietary Engline “click” track/data packets that can be deciphered by the X1800. As mentioned previously, if you want an external device to receive MIDI data, you’ll have to utilize the MIDI Out on the X1800 mixer and connect it to the MIDI In to your MIDI capable hardware. Ensure your hardware is set to receive MIDI data.