does not start Denon MC4000

When I turn on the Denon dj mc 4000, the boot mode goes on, but the controller does not go into ready mode, it starts to reboot constantly. I don’t understand what the problem is. Help, please, maybe someone faced such a problem.

What happened to cause it? Were you doing a firmware upgrade or had a power outage or other power related issue?

I got the controller relatively recently. Installed the Serato DJ Lite software, I connected the controller to my computer and everything worked fine. I bought a small shelf acoustics that connects via Jack 3.5. I connected the speakers to the controller via the Aux to Jack 3.5 adapter. Everything worked only there was a background in the speakers and a background in the headphones. After two tracks of using the program, Serato lost the controller. I turned off the controller, turned off the program and after 3 hours turned on the Controller, turned on the program, the controller immediately began to turn on incorrectly. Constantly reboots and does not go into readiness mode. And on the laptop it gives a driver error message.