Does Engine Prime not work with SC6000 in Controller Mode?

Reason I ask is no matter how many times I put SC6000s into Controller Mode with Engine Prime launched on connected computer the SC6000s never find or connect to it. However, putting SC6000s in Controller Mode with Serato DJ Pro launched the SC6000s find, connect, and operate just fine. Figured I must be doing something wrong because it’s hard to believe Denon’s SC6000s won’t work with Denon’s very own DJ software.

What DJ Software ? Denon has no DJ software, it´s only a software for preparing your music files. You can not control the software from the player. It only calls “Engine DJ” … maybe in the future, we will get some dj features on it … but for now … no :wink:

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Ah, gotcha. Thank you. Didn’t realize Engine Prime/DJ was merely an organizer and not a full DJing program, say like Serato DJ Pro, Traktor, or Rekordbox is.

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