Does Denon support ever get back to you?

What the title says…

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I think they’re faster when there’s not a global pandemic on.

Is this about your January post of platter not detecting hold/release? Something else which is forum people could help you with ?

yeah i can relate. getting a reply seems not so common.

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This reply has nothing to do with how or what I feel about Denon customer service but I just wanna say that the pandemic excuses needs to stop for most businesses.

I have been working from home since mid march and thanks to today’s technology, I am able to do my job as if I am in the office.

There has been enough time for businesses such as Denon to adjust to this new norm and function under the guidelines of today’s needs.

So please let’s not make this about the COVID issues. If there is a reason why someone from Denon support is not getting back to a customer, I assure you, it is not COVID related and if it truly is, then someone has failed miserably at their job and should have had all this figured out by now (6 months in to this pandemic).

my rant for the day…

As you were gents…lol


No one here can help. So, ill wait for the denon reply. You must have me confused about the jan post. That wasnt me.

This was fixed with an update. Forgot all about that and even try looking back at my post to see what you were referring to. :call_me_hand:t2: