Does 2.0 Firmware fix the screen freezing


Its an interesting point and may be helpful for others to try before sending in for service. Did you use the same computer and same test environment?


Yes, same PC, same location in my basement studio. It ran 100% perfect with 2.0 but not 2.04.


I had the same issue past sunday with the same Serato version! And it’s not just the screen, but the entire deck is not functionnal. I closed Serato, restarted it and everything we’re back normally. It’s surely a software problem. I never had this issue with Serato 2.0. I will revert back to this version.


Something to take note of: When using the 8000 with SDJ & other software that makes use of midi controllers. Sometimes the other software (eg: lighting software) can actually hi-jack the 8000’s midi functionality.

  • especially the screens!! I have had this happen a couple of times where the 8000 is working perfectly with SDJ… until I start my lighting software. Then the displays either go into demo mode / freeze up. I believe the software is probably sending a sys-ex command that the 8000’s display react to. I have to start-up the lighting software first, then disable the 8000’s displays in the software settings, then start SDJ. Then it seems to work ok. Just a tip for anyone experiencing weird issues while using other software alongside SDJ.


Thanks Jwill.

I’ve been dealing with this since I bought the MCX8000 earlier this year and its my only complaint. Unfortunately, its a BIG issue and has kept me from doing any serious gigs. I beta tested the new Prime Engine for you guys and was hoping the 2.0 firmware would provide a resolution but I see here that it is a hardware issue. Anyway… tonight I updated the firmware and installed the new Prime Engine - will try setting the screen for mid brightness to see if that works for me. Even if that works, its nice to know you guys have finally confirmed that it is a hardware issue and not the 10 or so USB’s I tried (re)formatting with no success. Also nice to know I have the option to get this fixed via RMA. Thanks!!!


The latest pioneers to be affected by a hardware recall. Best of luck


i am still having the screen issue. I tried changing the screen level to Mid since there is now only HI Med and Low


To be honest, if you replace MCX8000 with a unit that is only a simple controller - then you bought the wrong unit originally. You should have went with MC7000.

I do understand the users who ditched the MCX8000 in favor of XDJ-RX and RX2, that is a different thing.


Thank you @djmathos

you saved my day with your fix for the screen freeze. Got myself a new MCX8000 that froze every single time I loaded a track on the right player. Reduced my brightness to medium and it worked fixed all freezing problems. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Happy to read this. Community is made to help us each others. This product is good and we can all work to make it even better.


I think that if there any room left in the 8000 for any more firmware, then they should remove the “high” brightness options all together as it seems to cause issues.

Outdoor gigs might need the DJ to add their own shading options, like a parasol or well-placed flightcase lid etc but why leave an option or setting on a machine, if it makes it crash, or contributes to it crashing.


At one point someone from Denon said reducing the brightness was snake oil. When people initially noted that it helped with the “freezing” issue. They are right though as after a few weeks of no issue with brightness at 90%, my 8000 started freezing again and this time it was worse (the other tweak I did was to change the jog led to single for, instead of the circular one).

So best to just send it in if you have the issue at all.


So for this question as I think you will have made great sentence properly. What is snake oil.

I spend a lot of time reading the forum posting as I have to translate every posts before I can choose whether every posts worth reading (and yours are fine, I’m not saying otherwise). For me then some long rambling posts are so long but just off topic (again I don’t mean yours -,but I have learn to not worth work on translate if Post has word Hanpin in it)

Are you saying that the reduion of brightness setting was not a fix , or it was a fix?


Snake oil

“a substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for all diseases”

It means it’s not a real solution to the freezing issue.

Reducing the screen brightness did not fix the issue.


Thank you for the explain. :grinning:

So snake oil is like a red herring.


Real issue seems to be a power consumption higher than what hardware can support. So less brithness is less consumption. Finally it is maybe an uncorrectable issue but we can find bypasses.


But as above posts say it brightnesses doesn’t have any cause on this


I was waiting for the new firmware to solve the problem of freezing the left screen. After releasing the new official version 2.0, I tried the mcx8000 2 hours. The next day, I was having a party where the mcx 8000 froze, stopped working, there was no line entry. I had to turn the device off and on again. It was a shame before the people. Again after switching on, I dropped from USB through Engine where my left screen froze within a minute. The right side of the MCX8000 could not be searched. Really a disaster. During the break I lost to version 1.5 to finish the party. Not to mention that when working with the serato dj, the mcx 8000 runs regularly. When I bought the MCX8000 it worked well, but then it started to make problems. I’m beginning to worry or I should not buy Pioneer. I was very pleased with the MCX8000. I hope Denon will offer me a solution.


contact denon dj or your dealer to arrange a fix.

3 year warranty


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