Do you think other inMusic products could get Primed?

A Prime-integrated Rane 72-esque 2 channel mixer would be amazing no matter what inMusic brand appears on it.

Would a standalone Numark NS7 IV now be more fitting for Denon to release as “Prime 4M?”

Do you think it’s inevitable that Engine is going to end up trickling across inMusic brand boundaries as it makes sense resource/R&D-wise?

Engine Prime is not a DJ software. Considering how long it took for Rekordbox to become one (Rekordbox DJ) this is years away. Until then, there is no tehnical way for something like Rane 72 or controllers to work with Engine Prime (where would you plug your USB stick with Engine Prime analyzed songs on it?)

I think the sensible direction will be ground up new hardware for the Prime ecosystem. We all saw how “priming” the 8000 panned out in terms of resources.

I called it from the onset. Denon should draw a line and just start pumping out capable products for Prime which they are doing.

They have targeted the top tier of DJ performance I’m guessing next phase will be mid tier.

@slayformoney i’m talking about the laptop-free embedded software featured on the SC5000, SC5000M and Prime 4 as well as the general ecosystem of networking and playing nice with each other (+ stagelinq, BPM info etc).

Don’t really have much interest in Engine Prime becoming tethered performance software unless they really invest heavily into it. It’d make more sense for inMusic to buy Serato and/or work closely on tighter integration.

Was only talking about something Rane 72-esque in terms of form factor.

The Engine Prime analysis data format and network sharing protocol end could perhaps be made open source (or its limited equivalent as far as exploitability) so other companies have the option of coming on board, and I don’t think coming out with non-dual-layer econo units with bare bones features through, say, the Numark branding would be the worst idea. Cheaper DACs, faders, and other parts that you see on the Mixtracks, etc.

That said, I understand why they’d also be motivated not to do either. The Prime series is so adaptable and able to read other formats & meta info that a lot of their strength is just the ability to be inclusive without needing to create a cross-brandings or cross-industry ecosystem. In the long run, I think requiring people be tied to a particular ecosystem is probably the wrong strategy, anyway.

I also don’t love the idea of InMusic going crazy on too many DJ gear brackets and tiers. I’d rather they focus on fewer really great products than keep throwing spaghetti at the wall as Numark has done for so long, particularly since they sometimes had the habit of discontinuing products instead of resolving all the flaws. But as far as niggles go, that’s admittedly a minor & odd one to have: the luxury of too many product lines for the consumer.


I’m all for a very small ecosystem of incredibly well supported, tightly integrated players. At least one more Prime mixer (2 channel) wouldn’t hurt though!

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I hope that Akai helps out with a sampler, however I cant ever see that happening, nor any of the other suggestions - they might be part of the same group, but I am sure there’s stiff competition within InMusic to be the top sellers / earners. I doubt very much whether one entity would help another one out, thereby robbing them of revenue, and reducing their chances of being top dog.

Just my penny’s thoughts.

What you’re asking for is now available thru the x1850. How you set your beat marker on your track + your grid will quantize to the fx and in theory set the phase, beat, bar and tempo sync to the midi out to trigger outboard effectors/samplers to use with the mixer’s s/r.