Do you have to have TimeCode to only sync bpm to Resolume?

I just got my prime 4 a couple weeks ago, switching from Serato. I currently have not had time to build the track specific videos that the Denon/Resolume interface requires yet want to be able to sync . But I also live mix in resolume on an apc40mk2 and have discovered a problem. Stagelinq doesn’t communicate BPMs? Is it possible some way without paying 60$ a month just for timecode to use ableton link? For example you just want to use the simple bpm sync to align your composition in resolume to the mix on the prime 4, while also giving you much more freedom to improvise the video. Or is there another work around that I am not seeing?


did you have any joy with this. i’m in the same position.I just want a bpm sync