Do previous updates matter?

My Sc5000 doesn’t have the desired sound quality. After numerous attempts to fix this (checking the mixer, USB, etc.) the issue still remains, even on the computer software. I’ve recieved the unit some days ago and updated it straight to version 1.3, bypassing the 1.2 entirely - could this be the reason for the bad sound?

You talking about slightly smeared, dark, and compressed sounding or something more obvious? They have mostly just changed the high frequency extension slightly, so there hasn’t yet been a big audio processing overhaul on the players or EP. If you’re talking Serato, the players are out of the audio loop unless touch is malfunctioning. As far as I know, it also makes no difference if earlier updates were installed prior to the latest.

I’m talking about the players and yes, it is exactly as you described. The annoying thing is that I didn’t know about this issue prior to buying the unit, even the reviewers described the sound as perfect. Though I must thank you for the reply to this and my previous post. Do you have any info on when will this issue be fixed?

I don’t have specifics on InMusic’s upgrade timeline, but you can heart the following threads possibly to speed it up, this one and the ones linked in it:

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