Do people even bother to use this forum

Are people even using this forum, I posted a question that should be an easy fix for those accustomed to using the mcx8000 but not had an answer.

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You’ll be able to see if people are using the forum by seeing the date and time of their posts.

You joined the forum yesterday, ( Welcome buddy ) so your enquiry will be less than a day old. Even before corona this forum wasn’t visited by denon staff every hour of every day. The forums main visitors are users and not all of us visit everyday either. Some will just visit weekly for instance. Of those that visited yesterday, who knows how many are still mcx8000 users compared on prime users, so how many would know the answer to your BPM question since yesterday, I don’t know.

Patience, rather than foot stomping, is more likely to get you an answer from other 8000 users. And give it a while longer and someone from denon may know the answer too.

Some extra info would be good for supply. What version of engine did you use? What genre are the tracks? What rough bpms are you expecting the tracks to be? Like extreme bpms of terror-scary-extreme-thrashy-crash of over 250bpm probably won’t get detected.

Give it a few days - but also use forum search in the 8000 section and in the section related to the version of engine that you’re using, to see if anyone else has asked something similar to your yesterday enquiry


Hi @Johnylee, welcome to the forum!

This is quite an active forum. I approved your first post, but I’m not a MCX8000 owner, so I was hoping someone would chime in.

As Julianus states, give it some time. Maybe @kradcliffe knows. :relieved:

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I’ve dropped a message on that thread - I used to own the MCX8000 but don’t anymore so I’m going off of memory. It should give you something to do until one of the current 8000 users sees the thread.


Thanks for pointing this out to me @Reese, I must have missed the thread.

@Johnylee I have replied to you in the relevant place.




Thanks Keith for the fast response!

I’m waiting for @Johnylee to positively thank you also. :innocent:

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