Do Not Upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.2 Intermittent Distortion

Hi i just updated to Hi Sierra 10.13.2 from 10.13.1 ever since doing so i’m getting intermittent distortion i have a good feeling its the mc7000 because i don’t have this issue with any of my other controllers all was fine in 10.13.1 any help appreciated

@Valpacino Having the same issue here with High Sierra - 2 or 3 songs in and the songs begin to distort and it just gets progressively worse until the songs become unrecognizable. Working fine with my DS1 and Reloop turntables but I have issues with the 7000. I even tried switching to Traktor (in the middle of a party) and got the same distortion after a few songs. I hope they find a fix for this soon, and in the meantime i’m going back to El Capitan until the problem is addressed.

There is a new MacOS update. It addresses USB Audio issues as per the release note.

That’s the one that gave me the issues High Sierra 10.13.2 …

Oh snap. Mine is on 10.13.1 High Sierra following the update i did today. Seems I’m one update behind.

Hi Try a osx fresh install hold down the CMD & R key while powering on your mac then choose install osx you won’t loose any data even though id advise backing up your data i found this helped me now i can run my mc7000 buffer 10ms with no issue any lower i still get distortion before i had distortion on any buffer setting even 20ms… hope theres a fix soon before i could run my mac as low as 1ms