Do I need to rescan my tracks when add new fixtures or venues?

Hi All,

Question about creating new venues in soundswitch project.

I have this project, for exemple called “project X”. This project has 1 venue with some lights (some dmx lights at home). I scanned a lot of tracks with autoscript. works great.

Now here it comes. When add a new venue and also new lights (dmx light at the studio). After adding new lights in this venue I don’t see scripts for the lights in this new venue (when selecting a track which was scripted for the first venue)

What to do now??? Scan all the tracks again? that works but its really stupid because everytime a light changes you need to rescan your collection.

logic thinking: the tracks are scanned, so the software knows the speed, the breaks, drops, etc…

Soooo… How do I get the tracks scripted without scanning??

Thanks in advance.

What I know:

if you add new lights to an existing venue and the tracks are not re-scripted, the new lights only follow the master track such as brightness and color.

I don’t know what happens to a new venue

Whoow… that is rubbish… It means everytime you make changes in the lightshow or create a new venue with same music collection you must rescan your collection. That is a lot of work… not all tracks are scanned the same way (house, urban, etc etc).

I think 99 out of 100 dj’s will not do that. Just to much work. As a DJ the focus is on music not light. playing the wrong track has big impact. Chose the wrong color is not noticed.

Let’s hope the team from soundswitch will find a solution…