DNSC3900 - Weird behaviour

Hi! I have a pair of DNSC3900, one of them starts to show a weird behaviour when is turned on, the SEL buttom only blinks at the right side and not all around it like used to be, and the PLAY buttom doens’t work either using USB flashdrive nor a CD. To play a track I have to press one of de 4 cue buttons or the A buttom from A B looping buttoms. I was thinking on update the firmware to the last version again, since is not recomended downgrade it, and I couldn’t find a way to perform factory reset. Does anyone can help me with this? Like, a tip or a hint about what is going on with that unit? It is using the last firmware version (1168) and for some reason starts to do what above mentioned.

I would not recommend trying to put the same firmware on these older Denon units, they are not the same as Prime series and if something goes wrong it’s expensive to replace the firmware chip.

That said, the problems do not seem to be of software origin, maybe just a broken LED and a bad microswitch. Can you post a video?

This is a typical situation when a button is ending it’s life and it needs replacement.

Thank you all. I couldn’t “update” the firmware because it’s the same version, so the unit does nothing but show that information.

Looking closer, I realize that the problem is what you guys posted, unfortunatelly in my city/country is kind of difficult to find a tecnician who do that maintenece and used to be expesive.