DNS5000 pause start button working intermittently

Hello everyone, please can some help, I have bought a pair of dns5000 cd dj decks, one of them is a bit iffy with the start/pause button, sometimes it works then it wont. Is there a way to service this button? i this a common issue?

Any help would be most appreciated

It’s a easy fix with a micro switch replacement. If You can solder - easy, if not, give to a friendly electronics service - not going to be expensive

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great, any pointers as to how to dismantle the deck and gain access to the relevent pcb? I have not been able to find any info on this deck in regards to strip down/maintenance

There is nothing on the internet as a tutorial. You need to use common sense. If You don’t have any experience with this kind of equipment, I would suggest to give it to someone with more electronic skills.

All fixed, stripped it down and removed the board, let the microswitch soak in some wd40. Working like a charm now :slight_smile:

Well… not for long. Wd-40 is not the best solution for it…