DNS3700 playback issue

Help…my DNS3700 is only playing in reverse without the reverse button activated…with it activated playback is normal…just started this before my last gig…also this is in all modes cd, usb and hybrid midi modes! Thanks in advance DJ QT

When you say “in all modes” is this while playing DVS/soundmap type tracks/files, or actual audio CDs too ?

If only when using DVS files, then it would be worth reversing the RCA/Phono leads e.g.: Left / white = Right / Red

Yes cd usb and hybrid midi

Is the platter rotating backwards too?

No rotating forward

You haven’t told us if you’re using the unit for DVS or are you using it standalone? Did you try this?

DVS…hooked everything back up seems to be working fine now…haven’t check the hybrid midi side yet…power just went out here in SC from the storm

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Ok, so it was the reversed RCA’s.

I’m guessing…but now I have another issue…the unit is switching from usb playback while playing to cd