DNS3700 midi mode issue with serato

Hi there,

Just wondered if you could help. I have my 2 x Denon 3700’s set up connected via usb link to my laptop for MIDI hybrid mode (with my DNX1700) and also connected via the DS1 but the signal always shows a red bad signal rather than a grey good signal on Serato (if I use the timecode CD’s the signal is fine). I have a powered usb hub as recommended but still the same issue. Also the mapping doesn’t seem to work either (which has been pasted into the MIDI section on Serato. e.g. when you want to cue back on the 3700 it just keeps jumping forwards and creates numerous cue points, plus non of the mapping features work. Any ideas? Cheers.Phil

Bad timecode signal is not a issue with USB hub. Verify you have selected the correct hybrid midi signal frequency under utility settings on the S3700’s.

What mapping file are you using? You need to use a mapping file for SeratoDJ, not Scratch Live. No official SDJ mapping file exists, only user created ones are available so follow instructions that are supplied with them.