Dns3700 midi mapping for Serato DJ

Any idea on how to accomplish this task! We spend good money on these products and they should be compatible for all!

There were various midi maps being passed around, user to user back in the 3700’s day, even though back then Serato had only just taken the plunge into midi rather than reliance on an SL-Loyalty box.

The difficulty with 30 year old midi is that Serato offers say around 100 main functions, yet there’s nowhere near that amount of buttons on a professional media player - probably around a quarter of that. So… which.20-25 functions should be mapped to those 20-25 buttons? Aside from about a dozen obvious ones (Play, Cue, track load) every user will consider different functions THE most important or the most indispensable - usually different from what the next person says is indispensable etc.

Of course, you can use modifiers (like SHIFT) to double up some of the buttons with a few extra functions but that can get messy, as what is correct and logical combinations of buttons to one user, may be completely bonkers to other users.

If you’re after the best mapping (eg: your best mapping) it’s worth taking a look at some existing midi map files and seeing how they work, then edit those to your liking, or create your own favourite from scratch.

they are. you can map them in serato (or any other program of your choice) in any way you want.

this thread is in the wrong forum btw

Where do I find such maps already put together?

as elaborated by DJ_Boothe in depth the mapping is a personal matter of taste. hence complete maps done by somebody else don’t make much sense. however, sometimes some people share theirs in the serato forums in case you wanna use that as a starting point.