DNS1200 decks and traktor


Hello everybody, I have a question and need some help. I recently purchased traktor a6 and I have 2 DNS 1200 decks. Are they compatible? I can’t seem to get it to work. I have zero knowledge but refuse to give up. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


You can use your DNS1200 players in two ways with Traktor.

First one is using them in regular midi mode as controllers for each deck in Traktor. Upside of that is you only need Traktor Pro licence and can even output audio from the players if you virtually combine their audio interfaces (so you wouldn’t need that Audio6). Of course, you can use your Audio6 for that, it will be easier. Downside is the platters in that mode have a little lag making them harder to scratch on.

Second way is hybrid-midi mode. You need Audio6 for that and TSP licence. It is a little harder to setup properly because it’s basically a midi mode setup + timecode control.

I suggest you first read all the info available here: http://denondj.com/products/view/dn-s1200 under “downloads” and topics regarding S1200 on the Native Instruments forum and then come back here with specific questions.

As a beginner I would suggest you go with regular midi mode. You will only have to find the appropriate .tsi mapping file for traktor and learn how to import it and maybe how to setup your S1200 players to the appropriate midi channel (1 or 2 most likely).