Dn-x600 ASIO drivers no longer supported by VDJ


As per title, currently using a Denon DN-X600 with a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 running Windows 10 - 64bit and Virtual DJ with Timecode, as of 2020 VDJ are no longer supporting the Denon ASIO drivers and advising users should use WASAPI, however there does not appear to be anyway to configure this for the DN-X600, at best you get 1 deck/channel working, or both decks coming out one side.

I have had this set up for a few years and the DN-X600 has been perfect until this last VDJ update, I really don’t want to have to replace it as it is mint and I even have spares for it, however even after rolling back to an older VDJ version it’s connection has become very shaky, after contacting VDJ directly they have advised Windows 10 updates are causing stability errors with the ASIO driver, so I may not even be able to run on an older VDJ version and receive Windows 10 updates for much longer.

Is there any suggestions for getting the DN-X600 working with WASAPI, or will Denon continue to support this unit (unlikely I know).


This is a question for the Virtual DJ-forum. There you will find help.

Thank you, I have approached VDJ technical already and posted in the forums, but all feedback so far keeps pointing back to the lack of updates to the Denon drivers hence them being dropped, ultimately I need to know if there is a workaround to get the Denon to communicate correctly with WASAPI, I wondered if Denon had already addressed this as I cannot be the only person still using a Denon DN-X600… Can I?

I realise this is 10 year old unit (though I got mine quite a lot later), and things can only be supported for so long but it seems stupid to junk a perfectly good piece of kit for a simple driver issue.

Just use ASIO4ALL drivers, for me they work with no issues on win 10 and traktor

It’s more of a combination thing…

Am I the only person using an x600, as a sound card, with a laptop, on a certain operating system, with a certain DJ software and so on.

S_Anderson - Agreed and I meant it very much tongue in cheek as finding someone with my exact combination of ancient equipment is less likely than winning the lottery but with a try.

SlayForMoney - I have not tried ASIO4ALL as I was under the impression all ASIO drivers had been blocked on VDJ, had also heard the DN-X600 did not play well with this one, but will give it a try just to rule it out.

Again appreciate any and all suggestions, though I am eyeing up the X1850 as a possible replacement, however it’s a bit more mixer than I need for my set up, wish Denon would do a 2 channel equivalent, though I can see why it may not be economically worth while for them.

No, VDJ still supports ASIO drivers it’s just that they disabled ONE specific Denon DJ driver. So basically just use ASIO4ALL, I had no issues using X600 on E480 with latest WIN10 build with Traktor 3

SlayForMoney - amazing! I will give that a try ASAP, I had ruled it out on an incorrect assumption, so will hold my hands up there.

Will report back, but once again thanks for all the help.