DN-X600 ASIO driver with Windows 10


I’m not seeing the DN-X600 as an ASIO device under any of my audio programs in Windows 10. I’ve updated to the latest firmware, have the mixer set to PC, and the Denon DJ Asio Driver installed. The Denon DJ Asio program recognizes the mixer, and sees when I’ve changed sampling rate.

However, I don’t see it as an ASIO device in Rekordbox, Traktor, even my DAW. All programs see other ASIO drivers I have installed.

I’ve also tried the overriding the signature as suggested in another thread.

Any ideas?


I know that with the HC4500 controller ASIO driver 1.0 was better than 2.0. Perhaps it’s kind of similar and you can try an older driver?

Where do I download older drivers?

That’s a good question. I just gave a hint to try, but don’t know if it still available somewhere.

I’m unsure what the problem could be. Version 2.2.2 software recognizes the mixer, but the ASIO driver isn’t selectable in any application regardless of whether the mixer is connected. I uninstalled other unnecessary drivers that were leftover (ASIO4ALL and previous interfaces) but no dice.

So I just ran a 32 bit copy of Rekordbox and it found the Denon driver. Ver 2.2.2 software does contain an x64 folder, but Windows won’t let me update the driver to that folder manually saying it’s already got the best driver installed. The installed ASIO driver has a Driver Date of 7/15/2010 and Driver Version

Opened a ticket and hopefully they can get me a working x64 driver or help me figure out why x64 driver isn’t running.

Have you tried installing the X1600 64bit driver?

No, I haven’t, I’ll give that a shot tonight. I couldn’t get the 600 driver working in 32-bit Rekordbox, though.

X1600 ASIO drivers are visible in all 64-bit programs, but don’t work. I got it working in Traktor Pro 32-bit so far so I know the 32-bit driver was installed. There’s an x64 folder in the Denon DJ ASIO drivers program folder, and I tried to copy the DenonDJ.sys file to the system32/drivers folder to overwrite it. No dice.

Still waiting to hear from Denon support, but I fear I can easily be told that it’s unsupported. :frowning:

Just to clarify things - “don’t work” means? Not visible in Traktor audio drop down list or visible but the driver doesn’t communicate with the mixer so no sound? You got it working in 32-bit Traktor - new X1600 ASIO driver or the old X600 2.2.2 ASIO driver?

X1600 driver - Visible but does not communicate in Traktor 64 bit.

X600 driver (2.2.2)- Not visible in Traktor 64-bit. Visible and communicates in Traktor 32-bit.

Then you can either continue using 2.2.2 driver in 32bit Traktor or use generic Asio4All 64bit drivers if you want to upgrade to 64bit Traktor.

I was under the impression that, when Denon released 64bit drivers for X1600/X1700 that they also worked with X600, dissapointed to hear otherwise… :frowning:

For me 64but is working pretty fine, give a try via that.

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