DN-X500 any way to use the xfader control?

the manual mentions the xfader control, says it will be useable in the future. so i assume they never came out with whatever was going to plug into it. i tried running a headphone cable from the xfader output into an input on my laptop’s audio interface, and it does do something when you move the crossfader. i recorded some “audio” from it, and it doesn’t look very useable by itself, maybe an absolute/relative thing. so is there any way to get this as a useable input into a DAW? i want to do MIDI & DMX mapping with the crossfader.

i also tried plugging into the subwoofer out and the other fader outputs, but didn’t get any signal at all. is there a way to use them too?

edit: i’ve found this, which seems somewhat related:


and another one:

so is it possible to get the x-control output as a signal i can send to the audio interface on my laptop? i coudl covert it to MIDI either before or after it goes in.

There’s no midi features on the x500 at all.

Xfader had a matching xfader socket on another piece of kit, a rack mount midi control, I think.

You’re going to damage something sooner or later if you keep randomly plugging things in.

Those “channel outputs” you mentioned, if you meant the white and red sockets with 1 or 2 or 3 and 4 above them are only inputs

There’s no sound card in that mixer, no midi, no usb socket . It’s a rough , tough solid mixer with good sound but not designed for computer interfacing

those links are referring to the HC4500: https://invidio.us/watch?v=PQlh77QEwak

it’s a rack-mount audio interface for the x500.

problem is, i don’t want to plug this thing into a computer, i just want the midi. the HC4500 only has a USB-out. is there any way to get midi from that, without plugging it into a computer? i only need midi out from the mixer, not in.

and i know what RCA’s are, i was using 1/8" out from the fader ports.