DN-X 1600 and MAC / iOS

Can anyone tell me, what were the last versions of Mac OS and iOS that worked with the sound card of the DN-X 1600? I am really disappointed it does not work with iOS 11 and High Sierra. It is shame, can’t judge if it is more Denondjs or Apple fault!

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Please read the topics in the X1600 section of the forum.

The 1600 is no more supported since Sierra, it’s really sad it was a great mixer with Traktor scratch support.

I see … Does anyone know, if iOS 9.3.5 would work?

i think the ios support broke with version 10 so the versions before should be ok. Unfortunately, back then very few people used it with ios (despite it having the same usb snd/rtn option as nxs2 mixer) so there isn’t a lot of user feedback.

I use the x1600 with iPad 3 and ios 9.3.5 (the dj-app “Dj Player Pro”). It works, but not completly: I cannot assign usb channels to different channels on the mixer. For example I am stuck with dvs on ch 1 and 2 on the x1600. so since I use turntables I use a phono preamp between the turntable and the mixer on ch 1…

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