DN-S37000 Cue Points and Memos etc

Hey Gee…How Do You Make Cue Points Within The Denon Music Manager?

Whilst the Denon DJ Music Manager software doesnt offer Cue Points to be set and remembered on the computer, they can be set and remembered on the player itself.

The Music manager software does however offer the Break point setting function

This function stores break points in MP3 files

1 Play the file for which you want to set the break point.

2 At the place you want to set the break point, click the 16, 32, 64 or A/B button. A break point of the corresponding number of beats (16, 32 or 64 beats) is set at the point at which the button was clicked, and the break point is stored in the MP3 file’s ID3 tag. For the A/B button, first set the break point’s starting point, then the break point’s end point.

3 When the break point is set, the break point position is indicated in dark orange in the waveform display area.

4 To clear a break point you have set, press the CLR button.

5 The break point area can be viewed in the display of the supported media player by red dots.

NOTE: Record the waveform data in the MP3 file using the “Waveform data generation function” on page 12 before setting a break point for that file.


Yo Gee…I Wanna Be Able So Everytime I Turn On My s3700…An Play A Certain Track…That Cue Point I Set Would Come Up. I Tried On The Player…Nothing. What Are The Steps for Setting A Cue Point For Each Track An Save It? Do I HAVE TO Recall It Whenever I Start The Track Or Will The Cue Light Up Itself?? On The CDJs…You Just Hit The Cue Button. Next Time U Play The Track…Cue Is Still There. I Got Everything Else Down. Only Had These A Week Or So. But Love Em. But All My Tracks Need To Be Cued At The Beginning. I Use USB Flashdrive Btw…Thats It. Thanks For All Your Help.

Page 21 of the manual will be the ideal place for you to look for this.


The SC-3700 assume that you’ll want to keep every Cue point and loop that you set. After all, you might set a loop or cue up, purely for one particular mix, on one particular night.

The Loops and Cues are stored with the Memo Set function and recalled (if required) with Memo Call function.

Still Cant Get The Cue Points Set? Why So Difficult? Should Be A Press The Cue Spot…Press Save An Thats It. What Are The Steps To Set A Cue Point For A Track? An Later When I Load That Track…It Will Be There…

There’s no >>>should be

Different models behave differently to what you might have used before. Have a look through of the manual and immerse yourself in it.

Did That. Hope Gee Can Help…

Is it the case that you can use the hot cues but they don’t save, ready for recall/memo load later on eg: an hour later, next day etc?

If so, it could be that the format of the hard drive/pen drive is not writable by the player.

The manual advises which drive formats allow for saving of data, and which do not. NTFS versus FAT32 for example.

Mine Is Format Fat32. But Say I Want To Make A Cue Point In A Track Near The Break…Do I…Go To The Break Spot…Press Cue…Then Press Memo…The MEMO OK Comes On The Screen…When I Do Ok…It Says Complete. Now…When I Load That Track Again…An Try To Go Near The End Of The Track With The Cue Point…Do I Have To Recall It Everytime…If So…How? I Just Want All The Cue Points I Make To Be There When I Need Then. I Dont Think Its The Format Thing…I Just Dont Know The Steps To Make A Cue Point. Then To Recall Them. Need Those In My Sets. Let Me Know…An Thanks Gee…

When you load a track which you’ve previously saved any data for eg: “Create memo?” (“Yes”/"“ok”) then a small “memo” icon should appear on the players display.

When that “memo” icon appears, select “memo recall” (and “yes”/“ok”) for the player to load all the memo points, cue points, loops, etc.

There’s no need to navigate through the track to somewhere near where you think the memo point was/should be… when you recall a memo then all of the data saved on that memo is loaded into he player, regardless of where you are cued in the track.

Gonna Give Those Steps A Try. Thanks Alot…

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